High School Credit Courses for Ontario Homeschoolers

Many families choose to include accredited Ontario high school courses into their high school home school program. These are courses that are taught in a classroom, online or by correspondence by an accredited Ontario school (or school board) including courses from the ILC (Independent Learning Centre).

Although it is possible to get into university without any high school courses, some universities do offer academic merit scholarships on the basis of 12U grades alone. Some universities have stated that they prefer students to submit 12U marks for university admission because it simplifies the process of comparing home schoolers to the traditional pool of applicants.

With many Ontario universities accepting the “Top Six” for university entrance, you do not have to take all 30 credits required by the provincial high school diploma (OSSD) to gain admission to an Ontario university. In many cases, simply taking six 12U courses is acceptable. However, if you want to enter the credit system and jump right into Grade 12, then it is your responsibility to plan a reasonable program of study a few years in advance so that you’ll be ready for these senior level courses.

Also read Sarah’s article Virtual High Schooling: Is it right for me? to gain added insight into these courses for home schoolers.

Schools offering 12U credits to home schoolers:

Independent Learning Centre – Ontario Credits by Correspondance
TDSB Virtual School (Toronto)
Virtual High School Homepage
Virtual Learning Centre
Canada e-School
Bishop Strachan e-Academy

[links updated 2017-05-10]

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