Grade 12 Math Resources for Western Canada (BC, AB, MB)

There are a ton of places to get free math resources on the internet. But sometimes, you want Canadian material that follows your own curriculum.

If you’re studying high school math in western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba – sorry, I don’t think he’s gotten around to making a page for Saskatchewan yet!), then you’ll want to check out the following websites for a complete curriculum, online textbook that you can download and print and practice exams that follow your provincial senior math guidelines:

  • BC – Principles of Mathematics 12 – [link removed – no longer valid]*
  • AB – Pure Math 30 – [link removed – no longer valid]*
  • MB – Pre-Calculus Math 40S – [link removed – no longer valid]*

Even if you’re studying math in another province, these resources will no doubt be helpful as extra practice or a curriculum supplement.

* [These links have all been replaced with a single website:
Mathematics 30-1: Explained –
focused on Math 30-1 for Alberta but it also includes links to government math resources for the other Western provinces]

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