You Have Options!

There’s nothing wrong with following a conventional pathway to post-secondary education: going to high school, earning a high school diploma, and applying to university in the traditional way.

But… what if you knew that was just one possible path you could choose? That’s right, choose. We’re not used to thinking of high school as a choice, but it is. It’s simply a choice that’s often made for us because we don’t know we have options.

Did you know that you could be enrolled in an accredited Canadian university as early as next month if you wanted to, no matter what your age or educational background is? If you didn’t know before, then you do now. You may choose not to act on that knowledge, but doesn’t it make you feel a lot better just knowing it? How awesome is it to know that our Canadian university system has a place just waiting for you? You deserve the same peace of mind we’ve been giving homeschoolers for well over a decade, and that’s why we’ve made this website.

Our goal is simply to present the facts, provide credible resources, offer the occasional commentary or advice, and most importantly, to let you know what your options are and that you have choices.


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