University Without High School

Maclean’s article University Without High School gives a highly positive and interesting review of the ideas in the book College Without High School by Blake Boles.

If you are high school age and want to attend university but don’t feel like a traditional high school education is what you want, the Maclean’s article is a shot of inspiration that yes, you can take a different path! If you’re not sure how to make that happen, consider reading College without Schooling for some practical ideas.

If you want to take your self-education outside of your local neighbourhood, look for opportunities like Unschool Adventures trips for teens.

From their website:

Unschool Adventures designs and leads multi-week international adventures and domestic leadership programs for teenage unschoolers. Our international adventures are lightly structured and exploratory, while our leadership programs are more structured and build specific skill sets. All of our trips share the mission of fostering independence and self-knowledge in self-directed teens.

Our trips are designed for “untethered teens”, ages 14-19. There is no formal requirement for what type of learner you are. Homeschoolers, unschoolers, alternative school students, high school students, and the avowedly non-categorized are welcome. Enrollment is offered to any teen who is enthusiastic and prepared for one of our trips.

If traveling isn’t your thing, consider looking for a Leadership Program for teens like the one designed by Blake Boles. Their program is based on core entrepreneurial messages including:

  • No one is going to give you an extraordinary life; you must build it for yourself.
  • Failure is a learning experience.
  • The ultimate resource is an entrepreneurial attitude.

Of course, you don’t have to go anywhere or join anything to make your dreams happen. There are many resources available for academic self-study so you’ll be prepared for university. If you decide to create your own high school experience instead of going to school, then you can combine trips (near or far), your hobbies, community participation, entrepreneurship, and more, in a mix that is right for you.

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