Redeemer University College Homeschooled Admissions

This page last updated: 2018-07-09

Many homeschool students have walked the halls of Redeemer and have proved to be some of our most successful students. We recognize your accomplishments and are excited to welcome you! It is our goal to help make your transition to university as seamless as possible. As a homeschool student, we realize your unique education requires a more specialized approach during the application process. This information will aid you in that process and clear any obstacles you might encounter. We look forward to working with you.

Application Process

  1. Apply online!
    Start and submit your application online! We’re always accepting applications, but if you apply before January 31st, it’s free to apply (after which you can still apply for a $40 fee).
  2. Send in your CLT, ACT or SAT scores
    Request and submit up-to-date test scores.
  3. Demonstrate Grade 12 equivalency
    Submission of the Self-Recorded Homeschool Transcript; this document stands in place of an official secondary school transcript.


Admission Requirements

Homeschool students will be considered for admission based upon:

  • Minimum CLT score of 58, ACT score of 19 or SAT score of 980 (if you took the old SAT test, a minimum score of 940 (CR+M) is required); school code: 0907.
    Redeemer is approved to administer the CLT exam to students. Redeemer is also approved to administer ACT tests if the student is applying to Redeemer.  We cannot provide ACT tests to other individuals.  For more information about writing an ACT test or CLT exam at Redeemer, contact
  • Completion of at least five academic Grade 12 subjects, including English.
  • Submission of a high school transcript or a Self-Recorded Homeschool Transcript which you can download here. This document will then stand in place of an official secondary school transcript.

Additional Information

Additional Program Requirements

If you know what program(s) you are interested in, make sure you read about the potential additional program requirements found on the program’s page.

Language Requirements

All students are required to be proficient in the English language.

Financial Aid Eligibility

Scholarship and bursary eligibility is based upon a combination of CLT, ACT or SAT scores and the grades received in your Grade 12 classes.