Western University Homeschooled Admissions

This page last updated: 2020-02-23

Previously known as the University of Western Ontario (UWO), the university is now known as Western University.


Home School

Homeschooled Applicant Assessment Criteria

  • If your school is recognized by the Ministry of Education of your country and is following the national curriculum please follow the requirements listed under Admission Requirements.
  • Applicants must disclose post-secondary attendance on the application form and submit official transcripts to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. If you have attended a post-secondary institution, please review the Transfer guidelines for admission.

Admission is competitive and enrollment is limited. Possession of the minimum requirements as listed here should not be viewed as a guarantee of admission.

At Western University, homeschooled applicants are evaluated for admission on an individual basis. In order to make a knowledgeable assessment, Western requires the following documents and supplementary materials:

  1. Transcript of grades indicating all subjects taken and grades earned from grades 10 through 12. These may be graded either by an independent homeschool agency or by the applicant’s parent(s). The transcript should indicate the name of each course or subject covered, the grade received in each course, and the duration of the course including the number of hours and weeks.
  2. Standardized Testing Results (such as SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, AP Exams, etc.) sent directly to Western from the examining board.
  3. Portfolio including the following:
  • Cover letter written by you including the method of homeschooling you have followed. For example, you may have studied a provincial curriculum at home or another set curriculum such as the Tree of Life. In your letter, you should also include the length of homeschool study and why you and your parents decided to homeschool. In addition, it would be helpful to include your study plans for university and career aspirations
  • Brief course descriptions and syllabi of the courses you have studied with a list of texts used. This is particularly important for science and mathematics courses.
  • Copy of a graded essay (any topic in a subject at the grade 12 level).
  • Résumé including any employment and volunteer experience. If you do not have a résumé, please indicate this experience in your cover letter.

Once you apply, you will be required to upload the required documentation through your Student Center To Do List. Submit documents exactly as they are requested. Documents submitted in any other way will not be accepted.