University of Toronto Homeschooled Admissions

This page last updated: 2017-05-10

U of T no longer mentions homeschooled applicants as an explicit possibility on their Admissions Requirements page. However, here’s where you can find information on applying when you’re not attending an Ontario high school:

To apply for a full-time degree:

To apply for part-time studies:

Select the application that is correct for you.

Full-Time Degree Applicants who are NOT current Ontario High School Students (OUAC 105 Application)

You should complete the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC)’s 105 Application if you:

  • are NOT currently attending an Ontario high school day program (in Ontario or abroad), AND
  • are NOT a current or former U of T student.

In addition to the OUAC application service fee, you’ll be required to pay a non-refundable University of Toronto supplementary fee of $90.

Apply Online at OUAC (105 Application)

See Important Application Dates

Unable to apply online? Request a paper application from OUAC by email: (subject of email ‘paper application’), or by mail:

Ontario Universities’ Application Centre,
170 Research Lane, Guelph, Ontario,
Canada, N1G 5E2
Tel: 519-823-1063

Applicants Intending to Study Part-Time (Part-Time Application)

Use the Part-Time Application if you:

  • wish to enrol as a part-time student in arts, science, commerce/management, engineering courses towards a degree.

Note that students attending a daytime program in secondary school should NOT use this form. Instead, they should apply in the same way as applicants intending to study full time (using one of the OUAC Applications). Applicants currently registered at another institution are not eligible to enrol in the summer session.

Part-time students can take courses during the day and evening (when available). Although most programs may be taken part-time, students who are only able to attend classes in the evening should consult the appropriate online timetable at University of Toronto.

If you were previously registered at the University of Toronto and want to return to the same faculty or division you attended previously, contact your former Registrar’s Office to determine whether you are eligible to re-register or are required to re-apply using this application.

Note that you will need to pay a non-refundable fee of $90.

Complete a Part-Time Application here

See Important Application Dates



In the past (2013), Sarah had included the following information — it may or may not still be valid:

U of T welcomes home-schooled applicants. Your application should include such details as

    • course outlines
    • textbooks used
    • method of evaluation used
    • samples of your written work
    • relevant details of any independent evaluations, including transcripts, if applicable
    • official results of any standardized tests taken such as SAT Reasoning Tests, SAT Subject Tests or Advanced Placement Exams

NOTE: If you are applying to a science or commerce/management program, completion of Ontario Grade 12U/M level courses/Advanced Placement exams/SAT Subject Tests in prerequisite subjects is strongly recommended.