University of Guelph Homeschooled Applicants

This page last updated: 2018-06-11

Home Schooled Students

If you have been home schooled or home educated, you may qualify for admission to an undergraduate program by satisfying either of the requirements below. Admission to all programs is competitive, and admission decisions are based on academic performance.

Please note that the University of Guelph does not provide individual educational assessments for home schooled applicants.

Option 1: Complete six 4U/4M courses (offered by an Ontario Ministry of Education inspected school), including prerequisites . You may pursue an independent curriculum to the grade 11 level. You can complete the 4U/4M via correspondence, on-line learning, night school, day school, or a combination of them. If you submit a letter indicating that you have been home-schooled until grade 11, the OSSD (Ontario High School Diploma) requirement will be waived. You are still expected to present the same admission average and prerequisites as other Ontario Grade 12 applicants.

This option is the preferred choice as it best prepares you for entrance into our programs, especially in the sciences.

If you are completing equivalent qualifications from other Canadian provinces, you will be considered provided courses satisfy provincial requirements. For details on required subjects, checkout the specific Subject Requirements for Programs by Province.

For students completing your studies in the United States, you will be considered if you’re completing the courses through a high school that is recognized by an accrediting body acceptable to the University of Guelph. You are normally required to present the U.S. high school diploma with appropriate subjects, as well as SAT Reasoning Test or ACT scores. For details, see Admission Requirement for American Students.

Option 2: You can also present acceptable test scores from the SAT Reasoning Test/ACT and three SAT Subject Tests. The specific SAT Subject Tests required depend on what you intend to study.

With the test scores, you should also send an outline of the curriculum followed to Admission Services, along with a letter of intent.

Information on testing dates and test centres for the SAT Reasoning Test and the SAT Subject Tests can be found at ACT information can be found at You should register well in advance for these tests! They are only offered at set dates, usually in the fall and spring.

Completed Advanced Placement (AP) exams will be considered in lieu of SAT Subject Tests (on a subject for subject basis). AP exams are available only in May, therefore you should write the exam the year before you apply. Details on the AP can be found at

  • Biological Sciences: Math (level 2), Biology (either E or M) and Chemistry
  • Physical Sciences: Math (level 2), Physics and Chemistry
  • Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences: Literature, and two additional humanities or social science type courses (e.g. World History, French, etc.)
  • Commerce–Math (level 2) plus two additional SAT’s

For both options, the application deadline (via the OUAC 105) is March 1, and the document deadline for 4U/4M courses or SAT test scores is April 15.

Should you have questions about the above information, please contact us!