Trent University Homeschooled Admissions

This page last updated: 2018-06-11

Admission and Application Procedures for Home-Schooled Applicants

Trent University is committed to alternative forms of education and the contributions these experiences bring to our university.

Students who have been home schooled or have attended a secondary school not accredited by the Provincial or State Ministry of Education should apply using the same application process as other students.

Applicants will be considered on the basis of independent evidence of academic achievement which may include high school grades, correspondence courses, college courses, and other pertinent accomplishments.

Applicants must provide a portfolio that includes:

  • An official transcript with grades received (if available)
  • Course outlines, a list of course texts, method of evaluation
  • Sample(s) of written work, which includes the instructor’s comments and grade. This work should be at the senior secondary school level (grade 12 equivalent).
  • Results of standardized tests (if available) such as:
    SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Tests or ACT’s
  • AP Examinations (if available)
  • Advanced Level course examinations in the General Certificate Education (if available)
  • Students applying to specialized programs such as Forensic Science, Education, Nursing and some Science programs must complete the Ontario 4U level courses (or approved equivalents) in the prerequisite courses through ILC, or another province/state Ministry of Education approved institution.
  • Must provide proof of English Proficiency where required

Note: Home Schooled applicants may be asked to attend an interview with a member of the admission staff

Admission Requirements

Before submitting your application to OUAC, check Trent’s Admission Requirements to ensure you meet the degree prerequisites.