Heritage College and Seminary Homeschooled Admissions

This page last updated: 2018-06-11


Admission Requirements for Home-Schooled Students

All applicants must take the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT). This is available at Heritage and at many local colleges. Applicants must produce evidence that they have earned the equivalent of a Grade 12 Diploma and met the minimum standard required for their desired program of studies. A chronological list of courses/subjects completed over the years and list of literature read must be submitted. Any transcripts or certificates achieved from a home-schooling program should be submitted with the student’s application. Evidence may also include a letter from the principal of a traditional, or Christian, accredited high school confirming that the equivalent of an O.S.S.D. has been completed and indicating an estimated overall standing/average based on a typical final year of high school studies.

Test scores in contests such as the Euclid Mathematics Contest, the Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contest, or the Chem 13 News Contest, as well as any SAT or ACT scores are helpful.

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Recognizing Excellence in Home School Education

Heritage offers several benefits to families of homeschooled students. We provide two main education paths for students. The first is for those looking to go into a full-time ministry position. The second prepares students for further  education at another university or college with cost-effective Biblical teaching that is transferrable to other institutions. (Ask an admissions counselor how transfer credits could work for you.)

  • Heritage’s homeschool-friendly admissions policy allows for full recognition of the unique homeschool qualities and credentials.
  • Student life at Heritage mirrors the high living standards expected by the homeschool family.
  • We have created a community where learning can occur and students can be nurtured and developed through faith. We do this by having residences that are safe, Biblically based, supportive and where mutual accountability is practiced.

School Visit

The information available in the various tabs can answer many of your questions, but nothing gives you a better idea of what Heritage is really like than being here and experiencing it for yourself! Consider attending one of our open houses, which usually happen twice a year. Enjoy browsing through the various information in these tabs and Contact Us today to schedule a visit. For your campus visit, don’t forget to take a look at our Travel Reimbursement Program! Save money, visit campus, and get the whole Heritage experience!

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