Sacred Heart College

This page last updated: 2018-07-09

 Our Degree Programs

In 2017 Sacred Heart College offers the following degree program: Bachelor of Arts in Catholic Studies (Honours). You may also work towards a Major or Minor in Catholic Studies. Typically you must study as a full-time student for four years, involving 20 credits over four years, in order to get your Honours Degree.


Home Schooled

Many of Sacred Heart’s first students were home schooled and proved to be some of our most successful students. We are prepared to recognize your academic accomplishments and are happy to welcome you. Your application will be considered on the basis of independent evidence of academic achievement which may or may not include high school grades, correspondence courses, online education, community college courses, or other relevant accomplishments.

 Home School Application Process

Home school applicants must provide a learning portfolio that includes:

  • An official transcript with grades received (if available);
  • Course outlines, a list of course texts, and methods of evaluation;
  • Two samples of grade 12 equivalent written work, which includes the instructor comments and grade;
  • Results of any standardized tests such as the SAT Reasoning Test, the SAT Subject Tests or ACTs;
  • Advanced Level course exams in the General Education Certificate (if available);
  • Proof of English Proficiency.

Please note that we may ask you to attend an interview with a member of our admissions staff as part of your application process.

Being a home schooled applicant DOES NOT exclude you from consideration for all possible financial aid programs at Sacred Heart. We will work with the information you submit as listed above to determine your eligibility and level of financial support from the college.