Sacred Heart College

This page last updated: 2017-05-18

 Our Degree Programs

In 2017 Sacred Heart College offers the following degree program: Bachelor of Arts in Catholic Studies (Honours). You may also work towards a Major or Minor in Catholic Studies. Typically you must study as a full-time student for four years, involving 20 credits over four years, in order to get your Honours Degree.


Special Entry

If you do not meet Sacred Heart’s published admission requirements but can produce significant evidence of a likelihood of success in an undergraduate degree program, then we invite you to apply for special entry. You will need to submit a special entry letter of application outlining your academic qualifications, experience and evidence in support of your likely success in Sacred Heart’s programs. Normally, we require special entry applicants to submit two letters of reference and you will also need to schedule an admission interview. If you are interested in applying for special entry you should contact the Registrar’s Office before making application.